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IV vitamin therapy is the infusion of pharmacy grade/ compounded vitamins and electrolyte hydration into your vein, just like in the hospital. You will benefit from 100% absorption since this process will bypass your stomach, allowing us to safely give you larger doses without stomach irritation. The normal absorption rate on high bioavailable oral vitamins is roughly less than 40%.

With IV Vitamin Therapy and Injections, although drinking water is a great way to stay hydrated, your body will not uptake and hold onto the electrolytes and isotonic fluid the way it will with IV hydration. Taking oral vitamins is a convenient way to get additional nutrients but the body will only absorb less than 40%. When receiving vitamins, electrolytes, and hydration through an IV your body will absorb 100% since it goes straight into the bloodstream and muscle tissue.

Yes, IV vitamin therapy is very safe provided it is administered by a licensed medical practitioner and overseen by a Medical Director. We use high quality vitamins, minerals and amino acids sourced from our certified suppliers. Also, IV vitamin therapy has been utilized for over 50 years and was developed by Dr. John Myers (the Myer’s cocktail) at the world renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Most of our patients are eligible candidates for IV therapy. Occasionally, we have to turn people away, not because they will not benefit from the therapies, but because they may require additional diagnostic testing and/ or monitoring. We take pride in our professionalism and your safety is our first priority.

First time patients need to fill out paperwork for medical history, allergies, medications, and consent. After the Registered Nurse consults with our medical director we will work with you to find an IV that will be the most beneficial (15 min). The full process for a first time patient will take roughly 45 minutes from paperwork to completion of the IV drip. Returning patients usually complete the IV infusion in 30 minutes).

Each patient is a case by case basis and will need to be assessed by our professional medical staff. Much of this depends on medical history, age, and body weight. If we decide you are cleared to receive an IV you will need to be with a parent or guardian to sign consent and they will need to be present during the procedure.

Pregnant women can benefit greatly from IV hydration since the electrolytes will help with muscle cramping and the hydration can help sustain amniotic fluid. We can give you most of the vitamins safely as well to boost your immune system and energy levels. Regarding any anti nausea medications; we will follow the direction your OB physician has advised you.

This is a very common question and it’s not a one size fits all answer. There are many variables to determine this like current hydration status, medical history, chronic conditions, lifestyle, and/ or malnourishment. Depending on your nutritional needs most patients see dramatic effects after just one IV and return for maintenance IV/ Injections to continue feeling good. Some get an IV weekly, multiple times a week, several times a month or just as needed.

Both vitamin IV and Injection therapy will greatly benefit your health and help you sustain your lifestyle. With IV therapy you will receive electrolyte hydration which is impossible to replicate in an injection. Injection therapy is a great way to receive a quick boost, but we are limited to how much we can put inside a shot. If you are looking for high doses of specific vitamins like C or have multiple health goals, then IV therapy is usually the best option. 

We do not take insurance but you are welcome to take your invoice and pursue
reimbursement through your provider. We do however take HSA and FSA cards.

Most people notice an increase in energy levels and an overall health enhancing boost. Optimum vitamin and mineral levels support proper metabolism, cortisol levels, cellular health, mood, and good sleep patterns. Vitamin therapy can also be an immune system boost which is very helpful during the winter months and during allergy season.

IV Vitamin Therapy and Injections with us is easy. We offer services in two locations: San Clemente and Oceanside. Feel free to review our menu of services and benefits. Make an appointment online, via phone call, text, or just walk in for a treatment. If you are coming in with a friend or small group, please call ahead to be certain we will have the chairs available and to limit your wait time.

For best results please try and drink plenty of water and have a little food in your system prior to arrival.

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